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Kamzy FTP
Free FTP Client
provides easy-to-use yet powerful tools for web sites management .

Some function in Kamzy FTP

- Compare files between local folder and server folder
- Connect to new sites with step-by-step wizards
- Drag and drop files for easy transfers
- Software update in a mouse click.
- Accelerate file transfers
- And much more...

Kamzy ProcessWatcher displays all running applications and provides detailed description about them, information about the processes' start time, directory location, and version number. Click a program to display additional details, including manufacturer's name process description and all services related to that running process. You can terminate an application, and  ProcessWatcher also allows you to save process list and information for future reference.

Some function in ProcessWatcher

- Detailed information about process in Windows XP .
- Show Windows services for each process.
- Provides you with the tools to terminate any program.
Save process list and information for future reference.





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